tropical sailing yacht

a yacht for diving

Passion for the big blue

The double-mast sailing ship brigantine type. The hull is 38,25m long and 7,6m wide.

The study diploma project is a sailboat allowing extended contact with water. The vessel allows to stay on board both professional divers and amateurs engaged in, among others, filmmaking and underwater photography, exploring shipwrecks, exploration of the seabed and so on. The ship includes a hotel infrastructure. This gives one the possibility to organize multi-day trips, also with the participation of family and friends not necessarily interested in underwater expeditions.

Dragonfly body inspired shape

The winged form of the superstructure is inspired by the shape of the dragonfly body, which in addition to its slenderness is characterized by beautiful coloration.
The superstructure is constructed of bent pipes with square cross-section and is based on delicate supports that offer the impression of a suspension. Roofing consists of two two-element translucent surfaces.

Immersed in the depths and washed by the wind

The elongated silhouette resembling from the top view a spindle or Vikings' fast boats of fairly significant size is slender and dynamic.
The black hull with a mirrored surface reflects the surroundings. Water, through generated reflections, seems to unite with the ship not only physically but also optically.

The idea connected with the outside is reflected also in the interior. Long windows wrapped around the hull alternately immersed in the depths and are washed by the wind. The design of the windows based on the rebate division penetrates into the interior, like the ribs of some big fish.
The tropical exterior decorated in the colors of turquoise, black and warm wood deck refers to the atmosphere of the Pacific Islands. Whereas the cool, white interior offers a refuge from the scorching sun.
a sailing yacht for diving
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