roadstead and port pilot vessel

breaking the waves

Main functions

The main functions of the pilot vessel:
- Transferring pilots on the ship;
- Transporting sea service officers;
- Taking a victim out of the water;
- Cooperation with a helicopter.

The pilot ship is designed on the hull 5m long and 23,4m wide. The superstructure is mounted centrally, allowing to obtain a large space on the bow (transferring pilots) and at the stern the deck was included to work with the helicopter and rescued victims.

Breaking the waves

The vessel silhouette is composed of acute-angled planes. The negative angle of lean of the front windscreen of the superstructure refers to the wave-breaking bow, giving the ship an aggressive look.

On the ship there are two areas to facilitate the transition off/on a larger unit. One of them is arranged on the roof of the superstructure, which allows the transfer of a pilot in a basket, and the other - in the bow section (transfer from the deck onto the ladder) that was raised to shorten the distance between the cooperating vessels.

The stern section of the deck has been lowered to improve the descent into the water and taking the drowning person; it is additionally equipped with a folding rail that protects against falling overboard, and when unfolded it becomes an extension of the lowered deck and a kind of platform on which to lay the victim on a stretcher.

The inner space of the vessel is organized at landings, where each level constitutes another functional zone: a wheelhouse, a place for passengers, the point of first aid to the victim and the space for the crew below deck.
a roadstead and port pilot vessel
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