IMOCA 60 yacht

for solo circumnavigation

5 oceans, 1 man, 1 boat.

The study diploma project is a concept design of IMOCA 60 class yacht.

The yacht is “a sailing machine” for a solo circumnavigation. It can sail though the most dangerous ocean areas of the Earth. Catching West Winds it can reach a speed up to 30 knots. A yacht movement is between sailing, surfing and flying.

The concept design was divided into several modules: analysis of route, velocity and class regulations; resistance prediction; exterior and interior yacht design; sail design; structural calculations; evaluation of center of gravity; stability analysis and VPP.

Design methods in yacht design

The purpose of the Master’s Degree thesis project was the comparison of the traditional and modern design methods on the basis of the concept design of yacht IMOCA 60 class. The assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach chosen to solving design problems.

I described the classic methods connected with ocean engineering. I reviewed the modern methods applied in widely understood design taken from various scientific and technical disciplines. Finally, I analyzed the possibility of their implementation in yacht design.


Diploma of the Year 2018 Award for the best Master's Degree thesis project.
Gdansk University of Technology, faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology.

Technical Specification

Length on the waterline 18,28 m
Hull beam 5,6 m
Keel draft 4,5 m
Air draft 29 m
Light displacement 7500 kg
Hull construction carbon fiber
IMOCA 60 sailing yacht, canting keel
Gdansk University of Technology,
Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology
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