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Design and management of projects at international level with a strategic approach for design studios, shipyards, and investors, so they can build and grow their business.

Sea 7 Desing photographer's atelier living room, minimalist interior design, view on the big industrial window, black steel stairs, and modular sofa,
Sea 7 design Tropical Yacht for diving, areal view form the mast on a deck and turquoise water

Design isn’t only beauty and form.
The essence is a strategic system of making decisions, solving problems and finding solutions.
The art of choice and creating future scenarios.

Discover new possibilities by design with concept design, 3D visualizations, holistic approach to create exteriors and interiors, so you can change and grow your business. 





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Tropical sailng yacht allows to stay on board both professional divers and amateurs engaged in, among others, filmmaking and underwater photography, exploring shipwrecks, exploration of the seabed and so on. The ship includes a hotel infrastructure. This gives one the possibility to organize multi-day trips, also with the participation of family and friends not necessarily interested in underwater expeditions.

The sea sailing yacht sloop type designed for recreation cruises.
Range of navigation – sailing in the open seas to a distance of 50 NM from a port of refuge.

Inside the hull there are two double passenger cabins, a galley, a mess and a head with shower compartment.

The yacht is “a sailing machine” for a solo circumnavigation.

It can sail though the most dangerous ocean areas of the Earth. Catching West Winds it can reach a speed up to 30 knots. A yacht movement is between sailing, surfing and flying.

Designed apartment was created for thalassophiles, who spent their free time on the sea.

Summer atmosphere. Minimalist interior with loft elements.

The designed space was created for a photographic studio with an apartement. Area 100 sqm.

The inspiration for an aesthetic of the interior was minimalistic climate of black and white photography and naval architecture.